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There are no Ubers available in the area and taxis are very limited and hard to find day of (we learned the hard way). Please arrange a taxi service at least two days in advance if you have plans during the week. For airport transfers, arrange as soon as you book your flight. Best way to communicate is via WhatsApp. Here are two taxi services: / +39 339 352 6355 / +39 333 394 4471

We will be arranging transportation on the wedding day for all guests. Please visit out Wedding day Itinerary for the details.

If you would like to schedule your own transportation, please let us know and book your taxi in advance. 


Regarding transportation to and from the nearest airport, please go to our FAQs tab to see all options.

For anyone renting a car, please familiarize yourself with local laws, road and traffic signs. Prior to your arrival in Italy, you will need an International Driver Permit. For more information, click here.


Click here to see the schedule for the wedding day


The Church is located in Positano which is about 40 minutes away from the venue in a pedestrian only area so bring your most stylish and comfortable shoes. For anyone that needs assistance walking, there is a Porter Service available that offers a free transport service from the main road to the Port of Positano and vice versa. To inquire more about this service, visit their website at Positano Luggage Service for disabled and elderly transport or email


There is a lift (elevator) that will bring you from the town square down to the beach/port level for 2 euros roundtrip.

Full disclosure, it says it fits 8 people but thats 8 European size so 6 US.

If you use the lift to get to the ferry port (Marina Piccola), once you take the lift down to the beach/port level make a right and continue to walk until you see the ferry port. You can also ask to get dropped off by car as there is a road that leads straight to the ferry port. Ask your hotel for more information.

For those that want to get their steps in, you can take the stairs down located by Daniel's Club. 


The ferry port where there are a number of beach clubs is only a few minutes from the main square. The ferries are on the right side and on the left you will find the main beach clubs in Sorrento. Book sun beds and umbrellas in advance.

How to get there from town? You can walk down the ramp, take the lift or take the bus from Piazza Tasso. 

Click here for bus information


Refer to map to see pinpoints with directions to important locations

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